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Fluoride: Why do we apply fluoride at dental check-ups?

· Fluoride is proven to prevent demineralization (the first step in the cavity process) and promote remineralization. In fact, after remineralization, the tooth’s enamel is stronger than before the fluoride was applied!

· In accordance with the AAPD and ADA, it is suggested that we apply a professional application of 5% sodium fluoride to your child’s teeth at each 6-month check-up.

· The AAPD maintains that if fluoridated toothpaste is used in its appropriate suggested amount, it is beneficial in reducing the chance for cavities and is not considered a toxic amount if ingested. Check out this picture demonstrating the correct amount of toothpaste to use on infants (smear or no bigger than a grain of rice amount) versus children 3 years and up (a pea-sized amount):

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