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X-rays/Radiation: Why do we take dental x-rays and when is it necessary for my child?

· Dental x-rays allow the dentist to make are more accurate diagnosis and therefore, provide a more accurate treatment plan.

· Dental x-rays reveal cavities as well as clues about the patient’s growth and development that might otherwise go unseen if not taken.

· In accordance with the AAPD and ADA guidelines, it is suggested to take x-rays on a child 3 years of age or older who presents with closed contacts between his/her teeth if behavior permits. Guidelines encourage x-rays to be taken every 6 months on those patients considered High Caries Risk, and every 12-18 months for those considered Low Caries Risk.

· In the event a patient experiences trauma, x-rays may be taken more frequently at each follow-up appointment.

Here is a great image demonstrating the low level of radiation a patient is exposed to for a dental x-ray compared to other everyday experiences:

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