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Child Model

The tools your child needs for healthy lifelong dental hygiene

Our comprehensive dental wellness plan keeps your child healthy — from childhood to adolescence.

Our Dental Services

Brushing Teeth

Infant Exams

PThe AAPD encourages every new patient to establish a First Dental Home by the age of one or when the first tooth erupts. Our goal is to establish trust with your little ones as they grow with each visit to ensure they not only prevent and maintain healthy teeth and gums, but also enjoy coming to the dentist. Instilling these good habits while your kids are young supports our mission of creating life-long advocates for their own oral health. We love meeting your little ones and will perform a knee-to-knee exam, demonstrate toothbrushing tips and tricks, as well as apply a fluoride application to aid in prevention of early childhood caries. We are eager to answer your questions concerning teething, tongue/lip ties, and overcoming thumb/pacifier habits.

Childhood Exams

It is important to us that your children feel at ease when coming to the dentist. At Bunch Pediatric Dentistry, we aim for your kids to get the utmost standard of oral health care and leave with smiles on their faces.

Brushing Teeth
Teen study group

Adolescent Exams

As your child transitions from primary, to mixed, to permanent dentition, we will monitor their oral growth changes, habits, and preventive maintenance with routine exams, cleanings, and restorative care as necessary. Dr. Bunch will let your child know if and when it's time to visit the orthodontist.


Restorative Treatments

When diagnosing decay or oral health concerns, Dr. Bunch will make suggestions based on the AAPD guidelines and evidence-based dentistry as to which treatment option(s) are best for your child.

  • Tooth-colored fillings

  • Crowns

  • Space Maintainers

  • Orthodontic Evaluation/Referral

Brushing Teeth
Teen study group

Sedation Modalities

We will ensure that you understand the options of accomplishing any suggested restorative care by offering various sedation techniques including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and general anesthesia.


  • Nitrous Oxide (N2O) — Often suggested for patients with mild anxiety to aid in a more comfortable and successful treatment experience.

  • Oral Sedation — Utilized for very young or highly anxious patients, especially when treatment needs are extensive or a long appointment is necessary.

  • General Anesthesia — Provided on the rare occasion that a patient is not capable of completing treatment safely and effectively with oral sedation or when full mouth rehabilitation is necessary.

The Reviews Are In...

"My daughters have never been so excited to go to an appointment. Dr. Bunch has completely eliminated their fear of the dentist and they are both cavity free."

Young Student

Jeff L.

Georgetown, TX

ping lines.png

"Dr. Bunch and her team do an amazing job at keeping my son's teeth healthy and clean. He has grown to love 'toothbrush time' in the morning. Thanks Dr. Bunch!"

Young Smiling Woman

Jessa P.

Liberty Hill, TX

white lines.png

"Thank goodness for Dr. Bunch. The kids just love her, and she has made it fun and rewarding for them to embrace their own dental hygiene."

Female Headshot B&W

Mary R.

Liberty Hill, TX

Now accepting new patients for Spring 2021!

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